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Tackling Racism in UK Education

Date: Thursday 23rd February 2023

Target Audience: Parents, education professionals and members of wider community committed to tackling racism in UK education

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Reflecting upon recent events and ongoing reported incidents of racism against BAME students across the UK, discussions centered on strategies for tackling racism in UK education are more prevalent than ever.

  • 95% of young BAME people hear racist language or witness racism at school

  • 50% of young BAME people believe that teachers perceptions of them are one of the biggest barriers to them achieving at school

YMCA (2020)


To lend from Barack Obama, ‘change will not come if we wait for some other person or if we wait for some other time’. It is time to tackle racism within UK Education. How can we each support, encourage and be an active part of the change we all seek?

Inconversation in Education are hosting this webinar to provide a forum for collaborative discussion between parents, education professionals and members of the wider community on the topic of tackling racism and racist bullying in UK education. We aim to reassure our audience that there is much positive work currently taking place to promote anti-racism within UK education. Providing a platform to showcase and raise awareness of a range of outstanding organisations working across the sector to embed anti-racism into areas including safeguarding, data collection, student voice, curriculum, policy, and practice.

Our aims for the session are to:

  • Offer advice to support tackling racism and racist bullying in UK education

  • Raise awareness of organisations currently working to promote anti-racism in UK education

  • Provide practical advice on the promotion of anti-racism in UK education 

Guest Speakers

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